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crapton - you walk in with your semi-confident smile [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
helen of troy.

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crapton [Sep. 1st, 2011|02:55 pm]
helen of troy.
it's been a while...


there's a familiar place just along the shore
if i walk down far enough
i won't stop until i can't walk anymore
it's tradgic and a shame
but there's only me to blame
i just can't get myself over these waves

i'm addicted, just an addict
it's addictive, let me have it
tell me to let go of my past

seems i only write about the ocean
the ships keep on sinking
and the tides



i put down all my vices
and i trade them for your smile
a promise that i will keep to my grave
break down all these walls
trace your lips with my memory
would you save me

cause your hands are cold
and your arms open
i'll be there
when the summer ends
what's four thousand miles
and the atlantic ocean
for your blue eyes
i'd swim it twice and again

somehow you care
when i'm falling off the edge
and you're always there
even if i've got nothing left

how can you stare
i can't stand my own reflection
but i don't dare
won't say a word
cause i love the attention
you make me feel alive



my eyes locked on you
whoah my emeralds
will find your baby blues
all these months
to get to your lips
this worlds gonna stop
the moment that we kiss
i know it's hard
but just keep faith
we are so strong
you know that we'll make it

i tell you always
you echo forever
let's save the lives
of who said we would never
we'll give hope
with our fingers laced
but we won't hold our breath
just in case
the only thing i need
is you-
you know that it's true



if words were miles i'd win this war
every letter would bring me closer
every song to the coast or-
washing me up to the shore
pick me up, i've been broken
all i need is your smile
take my hand
we'll repair these sails
and get away for a while

away from a tragedy on every corner
disaster at every turn

just you and me
this blue sea
we'll learn to love
the one we swore we'd defeat
just you and i
don't be shy
cause my ocean is your eyes
just you and i
you heard right
i said my ocean is your eyes

all the world is up in arms
but you have me
don't be alarmed
my line protect
i've passed the test
now we can sail among the rest

just you and me
this violent sea
swearing to defend who they defeat
just you and i
don't think twice
cause my ocean is your eyes.



i won't ever admit it
but i need your help
your hand
your arms
to hold me
to keep me
control me
believe me
i'm losing myself again

i said
i'm on my last line of defense



the engine cut off a good twelve miles ago
but the worst part is
i've got thirty miles to go
you get a lot time to think
when everythings about waiting
and you really kind of start to sink
into yourself, cause there isn't anyone else.

i could walk backwards
revisit all the details
try to find a way to understand
but i've got a long way to go
so i better get used to being alone
there's a few things you should know
like i feel you even in my bones

it's a long walk with an empty hand
what makes it worse
is i'm suprised i can even stand
on my own
there's never been a better time to say
that i need you or anything
and you'll tell me it'll be okay
cause i'm strong enough
i don't feel strong enough

oh whoah
this is me needing you
oh whoah
i'm in pieces



i'll sleep with your hands over mine
from four thousand miles away
and i'll read each stroke of your letter
wear it thinner everyday
i'm counting down the hours
i'm faithless but i still pray
i'm getting stronger

so don't you say
that we're not okay
because i promised that i'd stay
you know my fingers
were made for yours
we're getting closer everyday
don't you say
that we're not okay
because i promised
that i'd stay

just keep your eyes on the shore
my sails are set with your name
and i know we're getting restless
don't jump if it keeps you sane
i'm watching all our shadows
but you told me to wait
i'm trying so hard

and it's okay
to break down
it's alright
to lose yourself sometimes
but don't let go
don't lose hope
just ask me for my help



if you need a moment
take a lifetime
i'd wait forever to call you mine

i know you're hurting
i know you're scared
but you can't save the world
at five in the morning
so just take a breath
and close your eyes

i'm right here
i'm in the same place
saying "always"
you know I'll stay right by your side
cause i'm the one
that'll be here
in the morning
i'm right here, just close your eyes

we're counting down the days
following each hour
until i'm there
i just wish i could stay

i know you're hurting
i know you're scared
i'm trying to save the world
but it's five in the morning
so just take my hand
and close your eyes


and if you need a moment
please take a lifetime
i'll be forever by your side